A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “Picking the Wedding Pros”

Your wedding venue and vendors are extremely important; your wedding will only be as good as the people that you hire! And yes brides, you NEED a wedding planner! I am not just saying this from a biased standpoint, I am saying this as a former bride! There is no other way to give yourself that peace-of-mind and reassurance that you get with someone there acting on purely your interests, because  that is what a wedding planner does! We are there to make sure that your day is perfect for you. I of course planned my own wedding, but I still had the wonderful Amber Novey there that day as my coordinator and guest, and I truly could not have done it without her! She was there to make sure that everything was exactly how it should be; how she knew I would want it. With her there I had no worries and I was able to have as stress-free a day as possible! And lucky for me I have been able to work with amazing vendors for years, so when it came time to choose who I wanted for my own big day; it wasn’t hard to do at all!

So who did I pick to make our big day magical? Here are the Wedding Pros!

(Click on name to go to their Website)



DJ  & Lighting

Rocking Entertainment


Rachelle Photography

Hair and Makeup

All Dolled Up


Botanica Floral & Event Design


Divine Desserts


Mimi & Co.

Day-Of Coordinator

Platinum Planning




A huge THANK YOU shout out to all of these wonderful professionals who made our big day one we will never forget!

Make sure to stayed tuned for more wedding planning fun! Up next: “Saying YES to the Dress!”

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “Enjoying the Engagement”

Some of the best advice that I can offer to brides is to really enjoy the time that you are engaged! I realize that it is super easy to get sucked in to the stress of planning a wedding, but if you let yourself get caught up, you won’t be able to enjoy this unique time in your life!

According to Huff Post Weddings: 40% of couples are engaged 13- 18 months before their wedding. If you think about it, that is not that much time! I was thrilled the first time that Vincent introduced me as his Fiancée! I had been his girlfriend so long; now I was finally moving up in the ranks! And yes, I did feel a little pretentious referring to “my fiancé” over and over, but thats the fun of it! I only got to call him that for about 14 months!

As the planning of the actual wedding was taking place, we made sure to celebrate and commemorate the engagement as well; by having an engagement party, and taking engagement pics.


Having an engagement party is a wonderful way to celebrate taking this next step in your relationship, and it allows friends and family members to start to feel included in the wedding preparations as well! We had an amazing time at our party;  I planned it, and my parents were kind enough to host! It really kicked things off and got everyone even more excited!


Engagement photos were the next fun thing to do to commemorate the occasion. I always advise brides to keep it low-key and plan for photos that really represent them as a couple. Think of your history together, and what kind of activities you like to do! We planned a picnic theme for the fist part, and for the second part of the shoot we went to our old high school, where we met and first started dating! We had an amazing time with our photographer and really got photos that captured us as a couple!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.01.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.02.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.03.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.03.38 PM

Being engaged was a wonderfully special time in our lives, and I am so glad we were able to celebrate and capture it!

Special THANK YOU shout out to All Dolled Up Hair and Makeup for making sure I was camera-ready, and to Rachelle Photography for capturing our love!

Keep up with the blog! Up next: “Picking the Wedding Pros”


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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “I’m Engaged! Now What?”

Hi all! I am SO excited to be writing this blog series! I can’t wait to tell you all about the adventures of planning a wedding, and to share some advice along to way!

I am one of those girls who, yes, has been dreaming of her wedding since she was old enough to know what a wedding was. I am a sucker for all things wedding related: wedding themed movies, wedding reality shows, and actual weddings themselves! I am guilty of tearing up at all my client’s weddings. There is just something so magical and special about two people celebrating their love for one another; vowing to be together and support each other no matter what; the romantic in me just can’t get enough!

So it is no surprise that I was more than a little anxious to get married myself, and after 7 years together, my other half, Vincent, finally popped the question! We were celebrating our anniversary in our favorite city, San Francisco, and (I will spare you the mushy-gushy details, but there was poetry and rose petals involved…) he got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife! I said YES of course, and the rest of the weekend was spent blissfully celebrating and sharing the good news.IMG_0324


Once we retuned home, it was back to reality, and realizing “Oh my gosh, I get to plan my OWN wedding!” I wasted no time buying bridal magazines (the first time I actually got to do so for myself) and got down to business. It was so wonderful and strange to be picking out things for our wedding, and not another couple’s! I had so my ideas stored away in the backlog of my brain that I would finally get to see come to life!


The first real decisions we had to make was choosing our bridal party. I couldn’t imagine getting married without my closest friends and family by my side, which is what led to our GINORMOUS bridal party! 7 Bridesmaids,  2 Maids of Honor, 7 Groomsmen, 2 Best Men, 3 Flower Girls, and 3 Ring Bearers! Yes our bridal party consisted of 24 friends and family members, but honestly, I would not have done it any other way! I would even have had more if I could!




Really, what all brides need to keep in mind is that there is no one “right” way to do things for your wedding, you must do what feels “right” to you and the one that you are marrying, because it is about your love, and how you choose to celebrate it!

Stay tuned for more about my wedding adventure! Up next: “Enjoying the Engagement”

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding

As some of you may know, Platinum Planning’s own Yasmine was married last September! We have asked her to write about her experience planning her own wedding in a new blog series “A Wedding Planner’s Wedding” So stay tuned to find out what planning her own big day was like!


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An Afternoon Tea Bridal Shower

Platinum Planning specializes in all types of events, including bridal showers! Take a look at this high tea bridal shower we did this spring! A big thanks to Portraits by Johanna Marie for capturing the event!

705368_223103811215816_1931911305_o965519_223104441215753_1894706873_o 1009038_223103614549169_128330846_o 1276356_223103801215817_1115804932_o 1278929_223103684549162_345859409_o 1658178_223103737882490_253812750_o 1794823_223105217882342_1612113172_n 1836801_223103697882494_1183632422_o 1890573_223103761215821_1522349961_o 1891616_223103637882500_502334799_o 1898648_223103651215832_593218168_o 1899984_223105747882289_151288490_n 1911056_223103827882481_1747760434_o 1973643_223103661215831_434892679_o 10003709_223103704549160_2021392208_o IMG_1434 IMG_1436 IMG_1438

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Ashley & Jake

Ashley and Jake had a magical backyard wedding at his parents’ Northern CA home. Fairytale touches were incorporated to create a wedding fit for a princess!

IMG_1270 IMG_1262 IMG_1269 IMG_1271 IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1261 IMG_3351 IMG_1267 IMG_1266 IMG_1268IMG_1263

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