A Dessert Table fit for a Princess

Platinum Planning specializes all in types of events; big and small! This past weekend we had the privilege of putting together a dessert table for Milania’s 3rd Birthday! She was treated like a princess with a custom ombre rosette cake, French Macarons, and mini French Pastries!What more could a little girl ask for?

IMG_2185 IMG_2169 IMG_2166 IMG_2168 IMG_2164 IMG_2167 IMG_2180 IMG_2183

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “THE BIG DAY!!!”

I woke up at 8AM the morning of September 27th, 2013 with a calm and joy about me that I have never felt before: It was THE BIG DAY!!!

I jumped in the shower, hair and makeup was going to arrive any minute…

And the rest went like a little something like this:

yasmine083 yasmine124 yasmine122

yasmine145yasmine153 yasmine160












yasmine540 yasmine538 yasmine543








Our wedding was the best day of our lives! Yes, there were little things that went wrong, (if you looked closely you may have noticed that Vincent was wearing a cast on his left hand; that’s because he broke it 2 days before the wedding!) little mishaps along the way, but overall it was perfect for us!

There was a moment during the reception, a moment when everyone was dancing, and I looked around the room, at my new husband, at my family and friends, and I felt the love, the excitement, the joy of this amazing day, and I just wanted to bottle that feeling up and hold onto it forever.

So that is what I wish for every couple, to get that feeling on their wedding day that they will want to bottle up and cherish for the rest of their lives! Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and Happy Planning!


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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “All the Pre-Wedding Parties!”

With all the planning involved in my wedding, there were still 3 events that I really had no control over: The Bridal Shower, The Bachelorette Party, and The Rehearsal Dinner!

It is hard for me to give up control, given my profession and personality, but with these three pre-wedding parties I went with the flow and just enjoyed being a guest!

Here are some things that I learned along the way:

The Bridal Shower

  • You will play silly party games
  • You will open LOTS of presents
  • You will be overwhelmed at the love and support you have
  • You will have lots of Thank You Notes to write

DSC03267 DSC03246

The Bachelorette Party:

  • It will be the ultimate girls night out
  • There will be inappropriately shaped objects of all kinds, just go with it
  • Your friends will know you, and respect what kind of night you want
  • You will have an amazing time

IMG_1163 IMG_1396

The Rehearsal Dinner:

  • You will be nervous about the next day
  • There will be heartfelt toasts and speeches
  • You will have lots of presents to give out
  • You will eat delicious food

IMG_1196 6094-6094_Piazza

I can’t thank enough the wonderful people in my life that were able to plan these three amazing events; they truly knew us as a couple and we have never felt so much love and support!

You’ve been waiting for it… Up next: “THE BIG DAY!!!”

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “Getting Crafty and Keeping Traditions Alive”

The best thing about planning your own wedding is that you get to make it just that: your own! I was able to put a personal touch on so many of the things at our wedding, by making a lot of it myself, and working hard to incorporate traditions into our big day!

I do blame Pinterest for the pressure that most brides feel to DIY every little thing for their wedding! I am not saying that you shouldn’t get a little crafty with your wedding, but please, do not feel the need to hand-make every little thing that you can!

With that said, I did make quite a few things for my wedding; and I had friends help, too!


Fun cups for all the girlies as we got ready!IMG_1197


of my two grandmothers for my bouquet.


Blinged-out wedding shoes!yasmine515

And flower girl tutus, dresses, and headbands made by my talented friend Michele!

She is very crafty, here is a link to her Etsy store:



In addition the the items pictured; I made: program fans, escort cards, table names, a seating board, flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, the tricked-out flower girl wagon, and favors!

The point though, is that I do this professionally, and if you have a planner, they can help you out, too! Get as much help as you can, and don’t feel the need to make it all yourself!

I also worked to incorporate Persian (my side of the family) and Italian (his side of the family) wedding traditions into our celebrations.

We were married by a Catholic Priest, but incorporated a Persian wedding tradition into the ceremony: a piece of cloth is held over the bride and grooms head and two pieces of crystallized sugar (shaped like cones) are rubbed together, a symbolic act to sweeten the couple’s life together.



We also danced the traditional Italian Tarantella at the reception, and had a Persian Wedding Altar knows as a Sofreh Aghd; a detailed display of items believed to bring the bride and groom blessings in their life and marriage.


Persian Sofreh Placement

Find what makes the two of you special and unique as a couple, bringing in the traditions from two cultures is what makes the day so special for you both!

Keep in touch with the blog! Up next: “All the Pre-Wedding Parties!”

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “Saying YES to the Dress!”

Oh, wedding dresses! I know I am supposed to be sharing my experience, but I have so much advice to give!!! So I will move on, but if you want my advice read this blog that I wrote a couple years ago: tips-for-bridal-gown-shopping

I have worked at a Bridal gown boutique, and modeled as a bride for a magazine before, so I was used to trying on gorgeous gowns and seeing all different styles.

Therefore when it came time to get my own dress, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted! However, finding the dress proved to be more of a challenge! Luckily my friends over at Enchanted Bridal Shoppe were able to help me create a custom gown that was PERFECT!

We combined the top of one gown with the skirt of another, added a corset to the top, and removed embroidery from the skirt to create my dream dress!  I was SO thrilled to know that my dream dress could be created; one that was perfect for me, and that no other bride would have!


Thanks again to Enchanted Bridal Shoppe! You ladies are the best!!!

More blogs to come! Up next: “Getting Crafty and Keeping Traditions Alive”

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding “Picking the Wedding Pros”

Your wedding venue and vendors are extremely important; your wedding will only be as good as the people that you hire! And yes brides, you NEED a wedding planner! I am not just saying this from a biased standpoint, I am saying this as a former bride! There is no other way to give yourself that peace-of-mind and reassurance that you get with someone there acting on purely your interests, because  that is what a wedding planner does! We are there to make sure that your day is perfect for you. I of course planned my own wedding, but I still had the wonderful Amber Novey there that day as my coordinator and guest, and I truly could not have done it without her! She was there to make sure that everything was exactly how it should be; how she knew I would want it. With her there I had no worries and I was able to have as stress-free a day as possible! And lucky for me I have been able to work with amazing vendors for years, so when it came time to choose who I wanted for my own big day; it wasn’t hard to do at all!

So who did I pick to make our big day magical? Here are the Wedding Pros!

(Click on name to go to their Website)



DJ  & Lighting

Rocking Entertainment


Rachelle Photography

Hair and Makeup

All Dolled Up


Botanica Floral & Event Design


Divine Desserts


Mimi & Co.

Day-Of Coordinator

Platinum Planning




A huge THANK YOU shout out to all of these wonderful professionals who made our big day one we will never forget!

Make sure to stayed tuned for more wedding planning fun! Up next: “Saying YES to the Dress!”

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